Imported oak barrels can be used to soak any wines?

Not only wine but any white wine can be aged in oak barrels to create a special delicious wine by the mechanism of oak barrels. The wooden slats of the oak barrel are cleverly joined together, enough for the wine not to leak and also just enough for the wine to be exposed to the outside air, eliminating the content of Aldehyde, Methanol in the wine. Therefore, the wine after aging in oak barrels for 6 months to 1 year has a richer, more mellow flavor than ordinary wine.

White wine aged in oak barrels usually uses yellow glutinous rice wine or delicious glutinous rice, which is fermented and distilled at an altitude of over 45 degrees, then aged in oak barrels. The aging process helps to release the toxins in the wine, and the healthy organic matter in the oak blends into the aroma of the wine, from which the wine is more aromatic, softer and especially has a golden brown color until brown