• Oak wine is a wine that is aged in oak barrels. During the aging process, the tannins in the wood grain are slowly released, neutralizing the alcohol, helping the wine to reduce its concentration and become smoother and sweeter.
  • A special feature is the toothpick-shaped oak fibers, so even though the wine is stored in a closed wooden barrel, there is always a small amount of oxygen in contact with the wine. Thanks to this contact, the wine reduces excess water vapor, giving oak a richer, delicious, and mellow flavor that is much more mellow than regular wine.
  • In alcohol, there are always two toxic components, which are Andehit and Methanol.
  • Andehit is a substance that causes a feeling of intoxication when drinking a lot of wine, after soaking the wine in oak barrels, the wood fibers will help the aldehydes to be converted to the outside, so that the wine will become smoother and not intoxicating. like normal alcohol.
  • Methanol is a substance in alcohol that, when accumulated in large amounts, will cause diseases of internal organs. You can rest assured because the inside of the oak barrel has been burned with a light brown layer before aging. Since then, when the wine is soaked in oak barrels, it will metabolize all the methanol, at this time the wine will become safe, without worrying about toxic substances accumulating in the body.
  • Organic matter is secreted from the wood grain, which dissolves into the wine, giving it a special flavor that no other ordinary wine can have. The good organic compounds in oak wood will gradually infiltrate, creating a balance of yin and yang for the wine, giving it a warm, delicious taste like brandy.
  • In particular, oak wine has a delicious taste, golden color like foreign wine, very attractive, when drunk, has a strong aroma, sweet aftertaste, strong but extremely smooth wine, does not cause feelings when drinking. feeling intoxicated, making many believers addicted to alcohol.

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